Sheet Metal Fabrication San Diego

Sheet Metal Fabrication San Diego

Metal is one of the strongest and most durable materials in the world. It can be ideal for a variety of uses. Sheet metal fabrication in San Diego is the manipulation of metal to create a useful article. Some of the most common uses of fabricated metal are for roofs and roof decks, seamless gutters and downspouts, siding and coping, chimney caps and kitchen range hoods. In fact, almost any type of product can be fabricated out of metal. Once it is made, these items are extremely sturdy and long-lasting.

Fabricated Sheet Metal Products

There are many various products that can be made from sheet metal. Roof rain drainage systems are among the most common because they are important for every home. The essential thing to remember about sheet metal fabrication in San Diego is that it can be used to create seamless gutters. Seamless gutters are better than other types because they are created in one piece so they don’t leak. They can’t come apart of become damaged due to time or weather.

Other parts of the drainage system can also be fabricated. Leader heads, also known as scupper boxes or rain heads are large open boxes that are positioned atop the gutter/downspout to collect a large amount of water. The water can be funneled into the gutters and downspout more easily to keep water flowing properly. Downspouts are utilized to direct water flow away from the sides and foundation of the home where it could cause damage.

Metal Roofs and Roof Decks

Metal roofs are almost indestructible. They can last for 100 years or more and are often a good choice, particularly for industrial and commercial buildings. Not only is metal more durable than other products but it consists of a large percentage of recyclable materials. Once it is no longer needed it can be recycled as well, so there is no long-term impact on the environment. It is more advantageous than asphalt roofing because it doesn’t get as hot and it reflects heat away from the building in the summer.

Because metal is strong and durable it helps protect the integrity of a structure. It is lightweight enough to be stable on any building, even those that are old. Sheet metal fabrication in San Diego also produces metal deck. It is used to support concrete portions of a roof and is supported by steel joists. It is formed using a cold method, making it very strong. It can easily handle and maintain a heavy building structure. Once in place it can last for more than 50 years.  

Sheet metal fabrication in San Diego provides a number of products that can be useful in residences and commercial and industrial structures. When you need any type of sheet metal product it can be custom-created specifically to meet your requirements. The possibilities are endless. Summit Sheet Metal Fabrication provides high quality fabrication services in San Diego. Visit our website to learn more about our products and to request a free quote today.


Sheet Metal Fabrication San Diego
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