Sheet Metal Fabrication Orange County

Sheet Metal Fabrication Orange County

Metal is a very durable and sturdy material that can be used in a variety of products. Sheet metal fabrication in Orange County utilizes a variety of methods for constructing products out of metal. Some of the most common types of objects that are made using metal fabrication include roofs and roof decking, chimney caps, window and door pans, kitchen range hoods, coping and siding, downspouts, louver vents, leader heads and seamless rain gutters.

·         Roofing and Roof Decks

Metal has been used as a roofing material for more than a century. Metal roofs are durable and strong and are ideal for a number of buildings. One of the most important aspects of metal roofing and roof decks is their fireproof qualities. Metal roofs and decks are used quite often in large industrial structures. Metal roofs and roof decking can be customized through sheet metal fabrication in Orange County.


·         Gutters, Downspouts and Leader Heads

Gutters are often made of metal because of its strength and durability. The main components in your rain diversion system can be made more sturdy and reliable with sheet metal fabrication in Orange County. Seamless gutters are designed to keep water from seeping through cracks. They are custom fitted for your home so they fit perfectly.


·         Custom Chimney Caps

Chimney caps are a necessity but they are often unsightly and don’t fit properly. That can be resolved with custom chimney caps. The cap is custom fitted to the exact size of your chimney and the design will fit in with your home’s appearance beautifully. They are made with care from durable metal material so they will last for many years without any change to their function or look.


·         Kitchen Range Hoods

The kitchen is the heart of the home and today’s kitchens are created with all the comforts and amenities possible. A kitchen fan, located over the range, provides ventilation while cooking. Kitchen range hoods can be custom-created with sheet metal fabrication in Orange County. Your range hood will be designed specifically for your kitchen and will blend seamlessly while performing an important task.


When you have these products custom made for your home they always look good and function well. Made from durable materials, they are long-lasting and can enhance the appearance and value of your home or business. These and other types of items can be created to your particular measurements and needs. Any metal item that is required for your home or business is available by request. If you have a hard-to-fit item or something that can’t be found in stores, you can have it fabricated using high quality metal.

At Summit Sheet Metal Fabrication we create a wide range of high quality metal products. Our experienced professionals are skilled at making all types of metal items for your home or business. There is no limit to the types of items that we can make exactly to your requirements.  Visit Summit Sheet Metal Fabrication online to learn more about our products and services.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Orange County
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